Smart India Smart DNS Proxy

I just find it incredible, when a country like India embraces new technologies and ways to create a new world for them with the help of computers, as well as software solutions. As I previously wrote about the need for businesses to find new kinds of solutions, this is not only on the corporate level. In fact, there is a vast population that absorbs everything tech it can. Especially on the operating system, software and internet front of the computer world. It’s because having a few hours of access to a computer along with electricity is not that hard to access in India. With more and more opportunities, we are seeing a nation that is thirsty for knowledge and willing to learn anything. Especially when computers represent the world outside that is much desired amongst the population.

Smart DNS Proxy

That’s why introducing new things has less friction than in other countries. China is an example, where there is a great divide of those stubborn ways. But I believe that there is something very unique and special about India why it always wants to make things better. Instead of just copying things, we must create for a result that is something along the lines of a better world.

Recently I was very surprised how Smart DNS technology has been widely used in this country. Knowing, that there are lots of holes on our wide web. You wouldn’t think that people who are supposed to be “behind on internet technology”, are actually protecting themselves and enabling DNS to become anonymous on the internet. It is one of the very first signs, that people are not learning out of necessity. But because of a passion, a hobby and ultimately a learning experience that leads to creativity. Someone who is simply interested in making the buck, will not go into the trouble of caring about internet security and privacy on this level. This is great news because these people will take the necessary extra step to become real knowledge gatherers. The ultimate road to success, is education on all levels possible and that’s just what many are doing in this country.

One such service, which is well known is Smart DNS Proxy and they have something even more interesting in mind. That is to circumvent content location restrictions, which further more gives unlimited access to educational resources that would be blocked anyway. Now that is what I call smart, and it’s making Indians ever more smarter when they discover how to cross the digital boundaries. The thirst and drive is so incredibly, that much is required from proxy technology so that it can keep up the pace.

Well, I have good news for all Indian people on this planet. Thankfully Smart DNS Proxy has been one of the few that is doing their best to keep up with the development. Much bandwidth is needed to make things real, to make it happen. And if you are interested yourself, don’t forget to check out the discount coupon offer. They have many promotions that make the service even more irresistible.

Thanks for listening. And just wanted to say that I am going for a little vacation, to travel around in Asia. Not just in China, but elsewhere too. Perhaps even Japan. So see you later guys when I get back. Enjoy and take care.


India Looking for Business Solutions from Abroad

Those who have studied economics and history in school are well aware of the significance of the global game. All the countries that put great emphasis on mobilising their companies, products and services on a world wide scale have far more opportunities. This has lead to the overwhelming success of certain countries, and a lesser success amongst others. Which still today, is an overwhelming majority of people in the world. The policies and the approach of a country has such a deep and profound impact on the well being of a nation. It now only shows direction, but gives the foundation of resources that is divided within it’s people. But simply having those resources is not enough, they must be attempted to spread more or less equally. With balance being difficult, some countries have managed to take over such large resource quantities that even with less equality at play, they are able to succeed in many ways.

In India however, the global mindset never took off in the political sense of the world. Businesses were not pushed to make their products focus on the overseas market. This lead to much innovation, that didn’t reserve the wealth that it could have brought about. This is why India is still struggling in many ways, even though there are a huge number of success stories existing in todays world. I believe that western business management can help the country to seek this balance and create leaders that are able to take the whole country with them. To go to a direction of business mobility, one such successful company is ToriTori that is proud of itself of not setting any boundaries for itself.

The approach of the company has been a flexible business model that focuses on anything from web design, internet marketing and even foreign trade. By breaking these boundaries, they are not just able to compete in a large array of business sectors. They are also highly competent in expansion towards a limitless future, connecting the dots as they go. One thing that the business owner of ToriTori ones told me was very surprising. He was never talking about the future, but instead focuses on the now. According to him, living in this moment brings those realistic targets and concepts that are badly needed by countries such as India.

And this is just one of the wonderful stories that has shaken the country over the years. There is quite a lot of work to be done still, however hope being in the now makes it much more objective. That’s why business solutions are more and more made on a western basis, together with Indian understanding. It’s a match made in the heavens for sure!

One other interesting thing is that the slogan of ToriTori is “Japanese Thinking”. Which really makes you think. One of the most ancient and hard to understand, but brilliant cultures in this world. Check out their home page to find more insight on this.

Humble greetings from India,
Timo Holm

English Amazon Online Shopping in India & Japan

About Amazon India was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 as a marketplace for buyers and sellers. It is currently one of the largest e-commerce businesses in the world and one of the few companies that survived the bubble burst.

Amazon entered the Indian markets in February 2012 with the launch of the local brand It was a site which offered comparison of online prices to the customers and not direct purchase of items.

Amazon India, i.e., was launched in June 2013, thus signalling the company’s direct entry into the Indian e-commerce industry and digital marketplace.

Market in India

Amazon India initially offered movies, books, and TV shows for sale, but in just a few weeks after the launch it also started selling cameras and mobile phones. Despite the late entry of into the Indian e-commerce space, it became the fastest growing marketplace in terms of geographical sales. Currently, with over 25 million products being sold at, Amazon India has become the largest online store in the country.

The main competitors of Amazon India are Flipkart, founded by previous employees of; Softbank-backed Snapdeal; and Paytm, backed by

About Amazon Japan

Located at the address of, this is one of the biggest e-commerce extensions of the company. Operations in Japan have started already since the November of 2000 and has become the most customer oriented store in the country. With it’s industry leading online shopping technology, it has proudly gained it’s position as one of the top Japanese websites running today. The popular website is know also available in English. Please see, Amazon Japan English site for more vital information.

The growth of Amazon India entered the Indian online market with only 2 categories in 2013. However, within a period of just ten months its total selection of products stood at more than 15 million in nearly 20 categories. Since the launch of Amazon India, the sellers-pool has grown 30 times its original size and more than 75% of the products offered are ‘fulfilled by Amazon.’

In July 2014, Bezos invested nearly $2 billion into the India business. Even though the financial numbers are unavailable, the founder stated that Amazon India went past the $1 billion sales mark in just 12 months after launch. For Amazon, it was the fastest to the billion mark anywhere on the globe; the numbers far surpassed their expectations. Amazon India is currently the biggest online store in numerous categories, including kitchen and home appliances, books, video games, music, toys, bags, fashion jewelry, and luggage.

Amazon India has warehousing space of nearly 2.5 million cubic feet in eleven ‘fulfilment centers’ spread across nine states of India. Headquartered in Bangalore/Bengaluru, the company also has another main center in the Mumbai suburbs of Bhiwandi. All these help in extending the speed and reach of Amazon India. Nearly 170,000 products offered are eligible for next-day delivery across different regions of the country, and over 50% of the customers are eligible for such next-day shipping. Additionally, it also has its own logistics arm that can deliver the goods directly to the customers. Partnership with India Post has helped Amazon India extend its reach deep into India’s hinterland.

Amazon Japan & The Environment

In Japan the development in the use of environmental package materials has been leading the industry. All material that is used for the packaging is 100% recyclable, and mostly made out of recycled materials. There is also a CO2 emission reduction program which has contributed to a great reduction of hazardous materials being reduced to the environment. You can find more information about ecological policies directly from the Amazon JP site.

There are even goats living at the fulfilment centre of Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

The Future of Amazon India

Even though has been hugely successful, everyone, including its competitors and researchers, know that online commerce in the country is still in its nascent phase and there is a huge scope for growth. With the third-largest internet and smartphone using base in the world, online shopping in India is expected to grow exponentially and just explode.

Analysts have stated that by 2018 the e-commerce market in India may grow to nearly $18 billion, and to $32 billion by 2020. Amazon India’s share of the pie is expected to be substantial. It may end up selling products to the tune of nearly $5 billion by 2018, with revenues in the range of $700 million and profits of nearly $600 million.

Business greetings,
Timo Holm

Shanghai Centre Business Mindset to India

I never really understood how the Chinese could make such amazing businesses until I traveled there. In India, I new simply too well all the mistakes that were being carried out day by day. It just didn’t seem to be able to get much better, until a global mindset was born. This had both negative and positive implications. The most dangerous of all was the inexperience and inability to deal with the great forces also known as overseas. The Indian people have embraced many things to their lives, but not all of them have been great. In fact, some of the changes have been for the worse. This is mainly because of the lack of spread within benefit terms. So when overseas policies were applied to India, it simply didn’t work with the same rules on the Indian side of life.

Shanghai Centre Building

But when I looked at China, it also has big trouble with inequality. People are put into not casts, but groups of poverty and rich enheritance. It is like a carefully planned dance, to channel benefit to certain corners of the world. But there was just something that the Chinese had figured out, which Mao Zedong would have never allowed. It is a certain sense of freedom, not of the system but of the mind.

No matter how much you would try to brainwash the Chinese, they keep fighting back. Allowing certain things and with saved energy fighting even stronger against those things that are most important. Yes, a lot of it revolves around money and power but simply to have that sense of possibility to do anything you want is a powerful one. I have taken many examples from China in the past, from shows, to opera and acrobatics. And there is always room for one more, as is the story that is behind the Shanghai Centre, which is an achievement of a very unique kind. Of course the building is majestic and the acrobatic show is at the center stage of the activity. But the people it employees is an odd group of people who are in there not to do as they are told. There is a certain kind of a trust towards those who are willing to bring people to watch the show. A trust that they are doing it for mutual benefit and it is rewarded. This little mindset that has been created in Shanghai, is having a powerful effect on people who want to go their own way. Who would imagine, that in Shanghai something like this could happen.

I have seen the show a few times at the Shanghai Centre and it is magnificent. An acrobatic show by the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe that cannot be “not seen”, when visiting this busy but beautiful city. Just seeing it, makes you think how the life is full of opportunities. But the same mindset is coming to India, little by little. Just the foundation of poverty is so strong that is difficult to break the mold. So we need to look at things the Indian way. Not the way of the Shanghai Centre, the Chinese, the European or the American either. For sure, there is a lot to be learned, yet in the end the mind will be different. It will be beautiful and business will bloom more and more. Finally how it will bloom is another question that I am excited to watch and witness as it unravels. Thank you for reading and see you again very soon for another edition of “Bath India”.

Sincere regards to readers,
Timo Holm

The Modern Indian Woman: Education, Career & Family

India is no longer the land of snake charmers and Elephants. Urban India is a modern, educated society that has undergone a huge transformation in the last two decades. While it has opened up numerous opportunities for all Indians, the impact on Indian women has been huge.

Till a generation ago, the women were restricted to their homes. A lot of them were educated. Save for a few liberal families, the whole idea behind a woman’s education was to find a man who would accept her as a wife. Very few women pursued higher studies or ambitious careers. Today, the women in India have a world of options. They have even ventured into traditionally male dominated careers, from engineering to aviation.

The society on the whole encourages and even celebrates their achievements. And yet, every single day they struggle to maintain a balance. One of the mail reasons is that in India, the woman is still expected to run the household, she is still expected to be the primary care giver to the children and the elderly. No one says it, but they all expect it. There is a famous interview by Indira Nooyi, Chairperson and CEO of PepsiCo where she recounts an incident that demonstrates this Indian mindset. It was the day she was appointed to the board of PepsiCo. She rushed home to share this wonderful news with her family and the first thing her mother tells her is that they were out of milk! Her husband was home, equally tired by a long day at his work and yet, it was she who was expected to get the milk. This causes a daily struggle in the lives of these women. The ones who focus on career are said to be neglected their family and sometimes, their kids. Even when they assemble and train a fantastic support staff, they get to hear things like, “No one can replace a mother”. The ones who give up on their career aspirations for the sake of family are said to lack ambition and take the easy life. A modern Indian woman has to go through a lot. Yet, she is unstoppable.

The financial independence that the career brings them goes a long way towards building their confidence! Once they realise that they are not dependent on anyone, they are bolder and more willing to voice out their feelings. They contribute to the family income and hence have the right to partake in the importance decisions the family takes. These were things that were traditionally handled by the man of the family or the elders. These women can rely on their experience, knowledge and education to add a value that was not thought possible earlier.

The best part about the educated women is that they question conventional beliefs and challenge status quo. The exposure that their education brings them empowers them to think and form their own opinion. They inspire many around them to do the same. These women go on to instill a modern thought in their children and are slowly bringing about a change in the very way Indians think.

More Opera Business in China, The Indian Way

Perhaps it could be time to travel somewhere else than India I thought. But I always think local and appriciate things that are close to where I am living. But of course, everyone needs a fresh of different air once in a while. And for me, that usually means to explore some of the neighbouring countries of India. One country that I am always very familiar with, and is a close relative is China. Some people are quite surpriced or even shocked if I mention the two, beings “relatives”. But I strongly think so, not just because of the close aproximity but because we are neighboring countries. Yes, not many people think in this way but it really is true. In fact, even a lot of Indians don’t consider such a thing. But thats for other reasons I thing, one which is people like to look towards the “rich west” as something cool and fancy.

Please note: more information about the Huguang Guild Hall Opera at the bottom of this article..

The Other Side of Business

On the other side of things of course, many Indians, just like westerners go to China for business. So their power, especially in economic terms has not been left unnoticed. But there is something rather different about the relationship, and then some people hardly even know the facts. For instance, that we have had strong and close relations between the two countries for centuries, just look at the figures as they speak for themsekves. Main trading is with iron ore, raw cotton, petroleum products, copper and other commodities. The trade has indeed blown up to be the biggest trading partner with India!

Perhaps it’s time to reveal, that I too sometimes go to business trips in China. Not all of it is of course so, but my story is perhaps very similar to others. That which started with the economics, and ended up in a love for a unique country that deserves to be well respected. I have grown up in a neighbourhood that once gave me the courage to leave my country. Then India came and gave me the courage to be myself. After that, came China and I learned to push my self to the limits and discover new capabilities. All this thanks to traveling and the discovery of the mind.

Chinese Opera in Beijing

And the reason why I’ve had the honor to represent some of the most wonderful shows, available there in Beijing and Shanghai is because I am very much connected in terms of business. And as you can understand, I am not the only one who is engaging with the country. Now, I am going to start engagin with a totally new genre or show life in Beijing. That is of course, Peking Opera itself. My plans are to leave India next month for a visit to the prestegious Huguang Guild Hall in Beijing which I am tremendously exited to visit. To explain a bit of background about the Huguang Theatre, it is one of the 4 great peking opera theaters in the whole of China. This is a title that is not easily deserved which makes me all the more nervous to meet the so called ‘elite’ of Chinese opera. In India, opera can be quite a big thing.. but there is always more room to introduce new players to the art. Especially when it comes to the Beijing scene, it is so different that just for it’s unique value, there is much business success to be foreseen.

So, so looking forward once again for a new adventure. One that I will hopefully get to share with you all in my “Bath India” blog.

Thanks for reading & warm regards,
Timo Holm

Essential Tips for First Time Travelers to India

Travelling to India for the first time? A trip to India is always fascinating, as long as you take the essential measures to stay safe and healthy during your visit. There are many foreign tourists who consider a trip to India one of the best experiences of their lives, while there are others who just want to leave within days of getting there, horrified by what they see and experience.

Colorful India

Really, travelling to India is not all that hard as long as you know how to handle the various situations you face during your visit. Reading some of the tips here will prepare you for your trip to India, so that you know exactly what to expect and are prepared for it. Remember, traveling to India is not a hardship journey that you are obligated to do; it’s fun, exciting, and even exhilarating – as long as you are prepared!

Dealing with the crowd, the heat and the traffic…

The crowd and the traffic are always the hardest thing and required some getting used to. The heat can be oppressive too, and hits you as soon as you step out of the airport. The poverty and the slum present a sad sight too. While this is overwhelming, don’t let allow it to throw you into some sort of a depression within moments of landing in India. Not every country in the world is the same, and that’s what makes our planet so wonderful. You will get used to it.

Traffic in India

The traffic can be a bit too much, but surprisingly few accidents happen on Indian roads. Cross at the traffic signals, and you should be fine. Always hire taxicabs while travelling in cities, with apps such as Uber, hiring taxis is easy in India. In smaller towns, hire the 3-wheelers called autorickshaws to get around. Only when there’s no other choice should you get into public transport. Don’t let the noise on the streets get to you, carry an ear plug if you are affected by it.

Dealing with the extra attention

Indians have a habit if staring at people, especially at female travelers. This can seem disgusting to you at first, but don’t allow it to affect you. Don’t stare back, just ignore the stares. Wear sunglasses when you go out, as that would save you a lot of trouble when it comes to handling these stares. Remember, the stares from most people, while embarrassing, are harmless, and only curious. Don’t get your photos taken with strangers, as they might be used for the wrong purposes, as bragging rights, even. Just turn down any photo requests, point blank.

Advice for female travelers…

Female travelers should dress conservatively in India, avoid wearing tight clothes and avoid physical contact with Indian men, don’t even shake hands. Don’t stare back when someone stares at you, as this will be seen as flirting. Don’t allow your photos to be taken. Sit with other Indian women when travelling by public transport. Never travel alone at night and keep the locks of your hotel room tightly closed, especially at night.

Women in India

How not to get sick…

Always drink bottled water made by recognized companies. Ensure that the bottles are sealed correctly before buying them. Wash the fruits or salad before eating them. Never drink the tap water in India, it is highly unsafe. Always have food from restaurants of a decent quality. Never have street food. Avoid roadside dhabas or eateries, and definitely avoid tea sold by roadside vendors. Shower twice a day, in the morning and at night, before going to bed.

Dealing with the beggars…

While the poverty and begging can be heart wrenching, don’t get affected by them. Beggars in India, especially children are very persistent, they grab your hand and don’t let go. Just avoid them, ignore them, get away from them, and don’t get involved. It might be hard for you, but understand these children are taught to beg by organized gangs. By giving them money, you will only encourage these gangs to hire more child beggars. If you want to help the poor kids in India, you can lend your support by donating to some of the reputed NGOs that are doing a great work in the country.

Beggars in India

Never lose your cool…no matter what…

It’s important to be patient at all times in India, especially when dealing with the local bureaucracy. Things get time to be done in India, but you will only make them worse by showing anger or impatience. Be polite, but firm, and get your work done. Smile and smile often, when dealing with bureaucrats, that will get them to do what needs to be done faster.

How not to get mugged…

Mugging is not as common in India as it is in say, South Africa or the Caribbean. But you should avoid walking alone at night, and when you do, walk in busy places. Keep your valuables close and don’t get too friendly with strangers. Always ensure that your wallet or purse remains safe. Watch out when someone appears to be following you. And just stay away from the holy men and astrologers.

Strictly stay away from drugs…

Just avoid marijuana and hash, no matter how high the temptation. Carrying drugs carries a maximum prison sentence of 10 years and will it will just destroy your life if you are caught with drugs in India. Just avoid them, and stay away from locals or other foreign tourists who you know use drugs.

The Nightlife Experience in China

Previously I have discussed many topics, concerning India, it’s people. How they think and how they live their daily lives. And my association with it. The difficulties, good and bad things. Or in fact, the melting of the two when you can no longer distinguish the difference between the two. This is actually kind an optimal situation as it gives you a much more carefree life, where you just live in the moment. That is pretty much the essence of India.

But with all the chaos and activity around me. There are quite a few places where I go to escape the country. If not the Himalayas that is mostly inhabited by Tibetans. But I like to go further, travel further inorder to gain distance and new aspects to life. As well as India itself.

So naturally, I want to discuss these things too in my India Bath blog. In a global world, bathing has spreaded wide and far with a lot of new and exiting things that it can offer. I am always there, where the holy bathing takes place, looking for the ultimate experience that leads me just a little bit closed to enlightement.

China, is very much like a neighbour to India. It doesn’t feel like that, because India is so big. But it’s right there, a next door big sister always lurking on what we are doing. Especially after meeting many Tibetans in the Himalayas, I was naturally very curious about the Chinese.. and wanted to know what they are thinking! =)

So I headed out, from the Delhi airport.. towards the buzzing city of Shanghai. It is the most modern city in China, so it was quite a shock to me after being used to the smelly India. For some, even Shanghai is too much, but I felt very comfortable. Like being in some rich western country with the luxury of underground sewage!

Street Life of Shanghai

I was a little worried about the language barrier, since in India you are used to speaking English everywhere you go. But that was fine, the Chinese are happy and open people.. it’s easy to get a long and at least try to communicate with them. Being such a long time outside of the non-comfort zone, I just simply had to witness the Nightlife in Shanghai! And it was wild, with many colors and sounds.. there was no lack of things to do in Shanghai. In fact, I ended up going to the theatre for the night. Boy, I hadn’t seen something like that for a long, long time. It felt like “samsara”, like an illusion or dream that simply could not be real! That is I guess, a big part of the Chinese big dream. To create the unreal, which is fascinating in endless ways.

Had I not met up with my great friends at “Show Shanghai”, things would be different. But that’s my style always, go with the locals and you can experience things the way that exite you. Unfortunately, all this left me with a big hangover. I was more than happy to be taken to the local pharmacy for traditional Chinese remedies. They cured me alright.

Next stop, was another big city. And this time I was almsot crying because I had to leave my new friends behind. But that’s all part of the experience. The train ride was extremely fast, considering the huge distance between Shanghai and Beijing. Anyway, I arrived and I thought to myself. No more nightlife venues but, uh-o! Sooner than I realised, I was in one. Because my good friend, I had met. A Chinese backpacker, who was travelling from Mumbai to Delhi, living in Beijing. I had just arrived, he took me quickly to the hotel to put down my bags and off we went to the night of Beijing.

Street Life of Beijing

The very first stop, was to get a snack of some birds sneck and other delicious protein I wouldn’t dare to eat in India because of safety issues. But China seems one up ahead, on that problem. I also had a good beer with it to wash down all the energy and get ready for the challenge that was ahead of me. Soon enough, we rushed into the Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatic Show which showed us the light to acrobati stardome! Not that I would normally go and see such shows, this was totally all paid by my good Chinese friend. And I enjoyed it more than I could have ever guessed. The acrobats were just too skillful to be true, and the stunts were scary as hell. Basically, for that one long but short hour, you are glued to your seat. And holding on to it, as you worry about if this guy is going to be alright or not. The women are so flexible and can do everything, in such a perfect way. It really shows how developed chinese acrobatics are, from the ancient times.

Just the smell of the grand Chaoyang Theatre hall was enough to set me in the mood. Probably the beer was working too. After the final act, the acrobats entered into a cage with a dosen motorcycles. Not long after, they turned the lights out, leaving them circling around the huge metal ball in pitch black. Now, that left me with the hairs of my skin standing for a good ten minutes.

I still thank my friend for that experience, and say that I will never go to another one. But I know, that if I end up in Beijing again.. probably I will anyway. And while your body is still a bit shaking from the show, you go to eat drink eat drink. That’s what Beijing is all about. Good company, good friends.. nobody wants to be alone in China. That I have noticed. I am someone who can enjoy both very much.

We had to Beijing duck. It was delicious. And I must say, that I was very positively surpriced how the English skills of the youth there had developed in such tremendous ways. And for those people that didn’t have the skill, didn’t lack in courage. We ended up in the Karaoke, and parties until a morning. A night I will never forget.

More about my China trip in later posts. My heart is racing just from writing this part of the story. Hope everyone liked it, I for sure enjoyed writing it. See you soon my dear friends! India and beyond.

Bathing in India,

Being Disconnected to Connected

Like I always say, India is the land of contradictions. Especially because the history is so ancient, so deep filled with customs and religion.. yet it has been modernised in all the ways possible until today. And then, there is the British colonisation that changed everything, in between. It is as if they created chaos within the country and after such “westernisation” people have forgotten many things about their roots.

It’s an incredible situation really, how everyone has adopted Indian traditions to their daily lives, yet with a westernised mind. A huge contrast it is. Unlike in China for example where I have visited many times, the traditions have been cut off in a much efficient way. So the contradiction is less. At least compared to India!

But in every contradiction, there is a contradiction. After all, it is a cont.. ok, ok I understand you got it. But it’s true. Being an outsider, a non-Indian that is interested in their country. I couldn’t help noticing all this happening around me, it’s quite obvious that the behaviour of many locals are very strange. So naturally since I am here most of the time, I wanted to understand them more and this lead to an understand about myself and the roots of India.

Later this spread to a whole new way of thinking, always looking for “the roots” instead of the truth that never exists. By understanding the background and history of things, it becomes very easy to read people and know how to exist in peace, together. So all the horrible things that many people hate about India, well it does have it’s positive sides. And accepting that and learning about these things make you accept all those difficult things. I believe, is that this is very the true India journey begins not only in the country but inside your mind, soul and spirit.


Why I Came to India

There are many reasons as to why I came to India. In some ways, they were very typical and in someways not. As with anywhere, there are places where most people go to and places where not so many people go to. It can’t depend on the time of the year, or just the place itself. While I can enjoy all kinds of situations, I do tend to avoid those places or situations where a lot of tourists are attending. In India, there are plenty of visitors, but with such a huge country.. why go where everyone goes when you have the perfect opportunity to have a great adventure!

And adventure was the main reason why I came to the country. Little did I know, that I would get an adventure and such a huge one too. Like for me, my best times in Goa were just before the monsoon. When there are absolutely no tourists around, just empty hotels and indians preparing for the rainy season. Everything becomes extremely cheap too!

And the other, was meditation. There are a lot of meditation centres with all kinds of acclaimed gurus. I am not so much into that, also yoga is really not my kind of thing. So you need to be careful in India about where to go. Luckily people tend to reflect their true colour very easily, and you can spot if someone is truly sincere or not.

So that pretty much sets the basis of why I came. But nothing ends up like you intend it to, especially in India. And that my friends, is the secret of the adventure itself.