Month: July 2014

A Hello from India

Let me introduce myself just a little bit. Over the course of posts on my website, you will learn more and more about me. It’s better done gradually, as well as connected to real interested in connection to the story itself. My name is┬áTimo Holm, and I am from a pretty ordinary (except for the cold) place from Finland called Vantaa.

I have traveled to a not so ordinary place most known as India about more than a year ago and I am feeling like already having some sort of roots here. This place is not for everyone and still travel has it’s ups and downs. I happen to take the most of that and enjoy here so much, I don’t know when or if I will be back to mama Europe.

But for sure, I will continue traveling and exploring other countries too. Probably just sticking to Asia for a lifetime. Which is not enough, but if one thing I have learned here is to enjoy the moment. Now, thanks to this website I can enjoy that moment together with all those who share my interest. Plus family, and friends of course.

Thank you for reading and I hope that interest will continue to grow over the years to come.