Month: October 2015

Smart India Smart DNS Proxy

I just find it incredible, when a country like India embraces new technologies and ways to create a new world for them with the help of computers, as well as software solutions. As I previously wrote about the need for businesses to find new kinds of solutions, this is not only on the corporate level. In fact, there is a vast population that absorbs everything tech it can. Especially on the operating system, software and internet front of the computer world. It’s because having a few hours of access to a computer along with electricity is not that hard to access in India. With more and more opportunities, we are seeing a nation that is thirsty for knowledge and willing to learn anything. Especially when computers represent the world outside that is much desired amongst the population.

Smart DNS Proxy

That’s why introducing new things has less friction than in other countries. China is an example, where there is a great divide of those stubborn ways. But I believe that there is something very unique and special about India why it always wants to make things better. Instead of just copying things, we must create for a result that is something along the lines of a better world.

Recently I was very surprised how Smart DNS technology has been widely used in this country. Knowing, that there are lots of holes on our wide web. You wouldn’t think that people who are supposed to be “behind on internet technology”, are actually protecting themselves and enabling DNS to become anonymous on the internet. It is one of the very first signs, that people are not learning out of necessity. But because of a passion, a hobby and ultimately a learning experience that leads to creativity. Someone who is simply interested in making the buck, will not go into the trouble of caring about internet security and privacy on this level. This is great news because these people will take the necessary extra step to become real knowledge gatherers. The ultimate road to success, is education on all levels possible and that’s just what many are doing in this country.

One such service, which is well known is Smart DNS Proxy and they have something even more interesting in mind. That is to circumvent content location restrictions, which further more gives unlimited access to educational resources that would be blocked anyway. Now that is what I call smart, and it’s making Indians ever more smarter when they discover how to cross the digital boundaries. The thirst and drive is so incredibly, that much is required from proxy technology so that it can keep up the pace.

Well, I have good news for all Indian people on this planet. Thankfully Smart DNS Proxy has been one of the few that is doing their best to keep up with the development. Much bandwidth is needed to make things real, to make it happen. And if you are interested yourself, don’t forget to check out the discount coupon offer. They have many promotions that make the service even more irresistible.

Thanks for listening. And just wanted to say that I am going for a little vacation, to travel around in Asia. Not just in China, but elsewhere too. Perhaps even Japan. So see you later guys when I get back. Enjoy and take care.