Being Disconnected to Connected

Like I always say, India is the land of contradictions. Especially because the history is so ancient, so deep filled with customs and religion.. yet it has been modernised in all the ways possible until today. And then, there is the British colonisation that changed everything, in between. It is as if they created chaos within the country and after such “westernisation” people have forgotten many things about their roots.

It’s an incredible situation really, how everyone has adopted Indian traditions to their daily lives, yet with a westernised mind. A huge contrast it is. Unlike in China for example where I have visited many times, the traditions have been cut off in a much efficient way. So the contradiction is less. At least compared to India!

But in every contradiction, there is a contradiction. After all, it is a cont.. ok, ok I understand you got it. But it’s true. Being an outsider, a non-Indian that is interested in their country. I couldn’t help noticing all this happening around me, it’s quite obvious that the behaviour of many locals are very strange. So naturally since I am here most of the time, I wanted to understand them more and this lead to an understand about myself and the roots of India.

Later this spread to a whole new way of thinking, always looking for “the roots” instead of the truth that never exists. By understanding the background and history of things, it becomes very easy to read people and know how to exist in peace, together. So all the horrible things that many people hate about India, well it does have it’s positive sides. And accepting that and learning about these things make you accept all those difficult things. I believe, is that this is very the true India journey begins not only in the country but inside your mind, soul and spirit.


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