India Favourites

This is my for-ever growing list of favourites places to visit in India. Hope you like it, and share your experience with me.


Bombay Mumbai

Still commonly known as Bombay. Is a huge city, with a lot of problems and a lot of excitement. I like the contradiction it brings to my life and visit when I am in need for the city buzz! Art exhibitions, great places to shop. You will find every and anything you need in India. Stock up and take one of the millions of trains to anywhere in India. Love it!


Pune Puna

Also known as “Puna”, is the love of my life. Well known for the Osho centre there.. and the reason why I spend a lot of time here. Lot’s of interesting people come there, and weird ones too. Colorful folk, with interesting objectives. Lot’s to experience here! Fill up your senses in Pune.

PS. I love China too! Check out my experience here.

More to come! =)


One comment on “India Favourites

  1. Reginald October 29, 2014 8:09 am

    I’ve been to the Osho centre and can vouch for Pune. It’s really a special place in the whole of India. Let’s see some more interesting locations for your list!=)

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