India Looking for Business Solutions from Abroad

Those who have studied economics and history in school are well aware of the significance of the global game. All the countries that put great emphasis on mobilising their companies, products and services on a world wide scale have far more opportunities. This has lead to the overwhelming success of certain countries, and a lesser success amongst others. Which still today, is an overwhelming majority of people in the world. The policies and the approach of a country has such a deep and profound impact on the well being of a nation. It now only shows direction, but gives the foundation of resources that is divided within it’s people. But simply having those resources is not enough, they must be attempted to spread more or less equally. With balance being difficult, some countries have managed to take over such large resource quantities that even with less equality at play, they are able to succeed in many ways.

In India however, the global mindset never took off in the political sense of the world. Businesses were not pushed to make their products focus on the overseas market. This lead to much innovation, that didn’t reserve the wealth that it could have brought about. This is why India is still struggling in many ways, even though there are a huge number of success stories existing in todays world. I believe that western business management can help the country to seek this balance and create leaders that are able to take the whole country with them. To go to a direction of business mobility, one such successful company is ToriTori that is proud of itself of not setting any boundaries for itself.

The approach of the company has been a flexible business model that focuses on anything from web design, internet marketing and even foreign trade. By breaking these boundaries, they are not just able to compete in a large array of business sectors. They are also highly competent in expansion towards a limitless future, connecting the dots as they go. One thing that the business owner of ToriTori ones told me was very surprising. He was never talking about the future, but instead focuses on the now. According to him, living in this moment brings those realistic targets and concepts that are badly needed by countries such as India.

And this is just one of the wonderful stories that has shaken the country over the years. There is quite a lot of work to be done still, however hope being in the now makes it much more objective. That’s why business solutions are more and more made on a western basis, together with Indian understanding. It’s a match made in the heavens for sure!

One other interesting thing is that the slogan of ToriTori is “Japanese Thinking”. Which really makes you think. One of the most ancient and hard to understand, but brilliant cultures in this world. Check out their home page to find more insight on this.

Humble greetings from India,
Timo Holm

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