More Opera Business in China, The Indian Way

Perhaps it could be time to travel somewhere else than India I thought. But I always think local and appriciate things that are close to where I am living. But of course, everyone needs a fresh of different air once in a while. And for me, that usually means to explore some of the neighbouring countries of India. One country that I am always very familiar with, and is a close relative is China. Some people are quite surpriced or even shocked if I mention the two, beings “relatives”. But I strongly think so, not just because of the close aproximity but because we are neighboring countries. Yes, not many people think in this way but it really is true. In fact, even a lot of Indians don’t consider such a thing. But thats for other reasons I thing, one which is people like to look towards the “rich west” as something cool and fancy.

Please note: more information about the Huguang Guild Hall Opera at the bottom of this article..

The Other Side of Business

On the other side of things of course, many Indians, just like westerners go to China for business. So their power, especially in economic terms has not been left unnoticed. But there is something rather different about the relationship, and then some people hardly even know the facts. For instance, that we have had strong and close relations between the two countries for centuries, just look at the figures as they speak for themsekves. Main trading is with iron ore, raw cotton, petroleum products, copper and other commodities. The trade has indeed blown up to be the biggest trading partner with India!

Perhaps it’s time to reveal, that I too sometimes go to business trips in China. Not all of it is of course so, but my story is perhaps very similar to others. That which started with the economics, and ended up in a love for a unique country that deserves to be well respected. I have grown up in a neighbourhood that once gave me the courage to leave my country. Then India came and gave me the courage to be myself. After that, came China and I learned to push my self to the limits and discover new capabilities. All this thanks to traveling and the discovery of the mind.

Chinese Opera in Beijing

And the reason why I’ve had the honor to represent some of the most wonderful shows, available there in Beijing and Shanghai is because I am very much connected in terms of business. And as you can understand, I am not the only one who is engaging with the country. Now, I am going to start engagin with a totally new genre or show life in Beijing. That is of course, Peking Opera itself. My plans are to leave India next month for a visit to the prestegious Huguang Guild Hall in Beijing which I am tremendously exited to visit. To explain a bit of background about the Huguang Theatre, it is one of the 4 great peking opera theaters in the whole of China. This is a title that is not easily deserved which makes me all the more nervous to meet the so called ‘elite’ of Chinese opera. In India, opera can be quite a big thing.. but there is always more room to introduce new players to the art. Especially when it comes to the Beijing scene, it is so different that just for it’s unique value, there is much business success to be foreseen.

So, so looking forward once again for a new adventure. One that I will hopefully get to share with you all in my “Bath India” blog.

Thanks for reading & warm regards,
Timo Holm

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