Shanghai Centre Business Mindset to India

I never really understood how the Chinese could make such amazing businesses until I traveled there. In India, I new simply too well all the mistakes that were being carried out day by day. It just didn’t seem to be able to get much better, until a global mindset was born. This had both negative and positive implications. The most dangerous of all was the inexperience and inability to deal with the great forces also known as overseas. The Indian people have embraced many things to their lives, but not all of them have been great. In fact, some of the changes have been for the worse. This is mainly because of the lack of spread within benefit terms. So when overseas policies were applied to India, it simply didn’t work with the same rules on the Indian side of life.

Shanghai Centre Building

But when I looked at China, it also has big trouble with inequality. People are put into not casts, but groups of poverty and rich enheritance. It is like a carefully planned dance, to channel benefit to certain corners of the world. But there was just something that the Chinese had figured out, which Mao Zedong would have never allowed. It is a certain sense of freedom, not of the system but of the mind.

No matter how much you would try to brainwash the Chinese, they keep fighting back. Allowing certain things and with saved energy fighting even stronger against those things that are most important. Yes, a lot of it revolves around money and power but simply to have that sense of possibility to do anything you want is a powerful one. I have taken many examples from China in the past, from shows, to opera and acrobatics. And there is always room for one more, as is the story that is behind the Shanghai Centre, which is an achievement of a very unique kind. Of course the building is majestic and the acrobatic show is at the center stage of the activity. But the people it employees is an odd group of people who are in there not to do as they are told. There is a certain kind of a trust towards those who are willing to bring people to watch the show. A trust that they are doing it for mutual benefit and it is rewarded. This little mindset that has been created in Shanghai, is having a powerful effect on people who want to go their own way. Who would imagine, that in Shanghai something like this could happen.

I have seen the show a few times at the Shanghai Centre and it is magnificent. An acrobatic show by the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe that cannot be “not seen”, when visiting this busy but beautiful city. Just seeing it, makes you think how the life is full of opportunities. But the same mindset is coming to India, little by little. Just the foundation of poverty is so strong that is difficult to break the mold. So we need to look at things the Indian way. Not the way of the Shanghai Centre, the Chinese, the European or the American either. For sure, there is a lot to be learned, yet in the end the mind will be different. It will be beautiful and business will bloom more and more. Finally how it will bloom is another question that I am excited to watch and witness as it unravels. Thank you for reading and see you again very soon for another edition of “Bath India”.

Sincere regards to readers,
Timo Holm

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