Why I Came to India

There are many reasons as to why I came to India. In some ways, they were very typical and in someways not. As with anywhere, there are places where most people go to and places where not so many people go to. It can’t depend on the time of the year, or just the place itself. While I can enjoy all kinds of situations, I do tend to avoid those places or situations where a lot of tourists are attending. In India, there are plenty of visitors, but with such a huge country.. why go where everyone goes when you have the perfect opportunity to have a great adventure!

And adventure was the main reason why I came to the country. Little did I know, that I would get an adventure and such a huge one too. Like for me, my best times in Goa were just before the monsoon. When there are absolutely no tourists around, just empty hotels and indians preparing for the rainy season. Everything becomes extremely cheap too!

And the other, was meditation. There are a lot of meditation centres with all kinds of acclaimed gurus. I am not so much into that, also yoga is really not my kind of thing. So you need to be careful in India about where to go. Luckily people tend to reflect their true colour very easily, and you can spot if someone is truly sincere or not.

So that pretty much sets the basis of why I came. But nothing ends up like you intend it to, especially in India. And that my friends, is the secret of the adventure itself.


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